The Cape Town city bowl club of Grass Boots is trying to get a life changing project over the line. We hope you can help! Please allow us to explain what this club and our pledge is all about.

About Grass Boots

Grass Boots FC was founded in 2008 and is much loved by the children who play in it. What makes the club special, and this is evident in every team, is its' culture of diversity and inclusive philosophy. Boys and girls from all over Cape Town, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, all colours and many cultures come to play football together to make this club truely unique.

Throughout the history of the club it has organised free transport for children from low income areas to come to the city bowl to play the beautiful game, soccer. Fees are reduced or waived for anyone who can not afford them. These are just a couple of things the club does to support its' inclusive nature.

A trip to Cologne, Germany

An incredible stroke of luck has brought Grass Boots together with a German non-profit organisation, associated with the Bundesliga Club 1. FC Köln, called SV Lövenich/Widdersdorf 1986/27 e.V. ( This organisation frequently organises football tournaments in Cologne, Germany and has invited Grass Boots to send a team to play in a one-day tournament later this year.

We are hence trying to organise to send 15-18 players to the 5-6 day trip to participate in this event. This could be a truly life changing experience for all those involved. However, it would be especially amazing for kids from underprivileged backgrounds, some of which have never even been outside of Cape Town.

The fantastic people in Germany have pledged to collect funds to pay for the flights of 15-18 players and some accompanying adults. They will further organise lodging for all travellers with german host families.

Listen to the Cape Talk Radio interview from the 5th of April 2018

Our need

While the contribution from germany is fantastic, it will not be enough. We also need to organise birth certificates, passports, visas, suitable clothes, bags, pocket money, health insurance and more for many of the players.

We have estimated that our costs for these expenses will amount to no less than R100,000. We would like to ask you to please contribute generously and help make this awesome opportunity a reality. It would mean to world to many of these kids to be able to partake in this awesome adventure.

Please use our Thundafund page to help us make this dream a reality!

Thanking you kindly,
Franz Rodenacker
Grass Boots Germany Tournament Committee

Grass Boots is a SAFA Registered Soccer Club in the Cape Town City Bowl